Our Vision

217global is all about Empowering Vision, Planting Churches, and Equipping Leaders.

Empowering Vision

Our first 217global partnership began in March of 2013 with Rick & Tammie Romano of the Dominican Republic in providing love, health and education to the children of the D.R. We sent the first global team to help the national church in the Santiago area engage their communities through a brand new ESL Café, children’s outreach, youth outreach, and painting the sanctuary of a new church plant.

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Planting Churches

The church in the Dominican is reaching their communities for Christ. We share the same passion for New Jersey that these pastors have for the Dominican. We each seek God’s direction and vision for His church in our community and expand that reach into new communities. We each believe that global partnerships will help advance the Kingdom. We will pursue God passionately, care for one another deeply, and serve relentlessly through 217global.

Equipping Leaders

We are anticipating that God will raise up leaders who will do incredible things in this partnership. We recognize leadership potential as the Spirit of God works in and through his people. We will come alongside those who are called to serve globally, equipping, training and resourcing so that the global vision can be accomplished.

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