Nothing is more powerful than Christ alive in the hearts of the next generation

217youth is an environment where all students will feel welcomed and accepted.  We know how to have a good time and we know how to pursue God.  There will be a message straight from scripture and small group discussions on how the Word of God can be applied daily in the life of a teenager. Come be a part of God is doing at 217youth!


When & Where We Meet

You don’t want to miss out what goes on at 217youth! If you’re in High School or Middle School make sure you come check us out & see how God is moving through the lives of teenagers.

High School
Wed @ 7:00pm
Middle School
Tues @ 7:00pm

Meet The Team

Jocelyn Nordstrom

Chez Neal

Jorge Bennett

Grace Baldino

John Baldino

Our Vision

A community of a thousand students who are pursuing God passionately. We believe our students are never too young to start making a difference. They are integrated into the church at large by being part of weekend teams, service projects, and small groups. They are empowered by the church to lead in their respective strength areas.

Each student is given an opportunity to lead out of their gifts, talents, and passions. Each student is in a discipleship relationship with a youth leader who cares for them deeply and helps them reach their highest goals in life. The community will feel an impact by the presence of the ministry as it will provide man-power, clothes, meals, and after-school programs to meet the needs of the community.

The ministry partners up with other local organizations that are making lasting impact in the lives of other students by coming along side of them to help them do what they do best; even better. The ministry serves through 217global to make the same impact in the lives of other students on a global level, meeting the needs of families across the globe.  217youth strengthens and rebuilds the family unit, by encouraging parents to become involved and active in building faith in the hearts of their children. Parents are given all the tools and resources they need in order to do so.

The youth ministry at 217church is a place where students find God, are prayed for, and healed emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It is a place of restoration for all students who desperately seek a God who loves them and gave His son for them so they can have life to the fullest. By the end of their time spent in our ministry, students will have known that there are people who believe in them, love them, and would go lengths to make sure they succeed in life by bringing glory to God through their greatest gifts and passions.