As 217church we are responsible to and for each other. Countless times in scripture we see Jesus treats his disciples as family. Paul refers to us as the family as we are “baptized into the body of Christ” Whatever we do, we must do with the mentality that we are a family.

217youth & 217kids Ministries

Every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday we reach over 125 youth and kids as they hear of the love of Jesus. Our 217youth center provides an essential place for our youth to gather and sense His call. Last summer, over 100 kids went to our 217kids camp! Thanks to many extravagant givers and partners in the Next Generation Offering, our youth initiatives are now fully funded through the 2015-2016 school year.

The 217rebuild Initiative

This is a brand new ministry targeted towards families who need help providing basic needs. No child should go hungry and no parent should have to worry where their next meal is coming from. In providing food, clothing and basic needs, we will set the example for “Caring for One Another Deeply.” Each day families are feeling the impact of the generous donations made possible by the Next Generation Vision Offering.

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We have partnered with Rick & Tammie Romano of the Dominican Republic in providing love, health and education to the children of the D.R. We are anticipating incredible things through the planting of churches and sharing the Gospel with kids and youth of the Dominican. Members of our staff took their first fully- funded trip to the D.R. in 2013 to serve children and help plant new churches in the area and we are continuing to work with Rick and Tammie to help support their ongoing ministry.


Urban Promise Trenton

Every day through after school programs, Urban Promise reaches into the heart of Trenton and trains and equips young people to discover God’s will and plan for their life. By pouring love and care into kids and youth, Urban Promise is an organization on the front lines of equipping the Next Generation. Through our Next Generation Offering, 217church has had the great privilege of giving $25,000 toward the mission of Urban Promise.

Urban Promise Trenton

Open Home

217church’s Open Home Orphan Care ministry advocates for orphan care and supports families as they enter this calling. Open Home has partnerships with adoption agencies, foster care agencies and other ministries to provide support for families in need of information and assistance. We maintain a fund to provide financial help with the costs of adoption and foster care.

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