Nehemiah 2:17…Come let us rebuild

“Rebuilding lives one person at a time” is what God has called us to do. How will we accomplish that mission? These three words clearly give us the direction and focus we are to have together as the church.


We Pursue God Passionately

Baptism is a starting point of the 217church experience. Baptism communicates we have new life because Jesus is alive in us and we celebrate his forgiveness. It’s the first step to take when following Jesus. Our baptisms are an opportunity to commission people to do what God has called them to do.

We take Jesus’ command to “Go and make disciples of all of the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father” seriously and celebrate each and every life that is restored. We’ve witnessed incredible healing and freedom from the simple act of being baptized like you will see in the video below. 217church has had the privilege of baptizing over 160 people, with that number growing each and every month.

We hold baptisms regularly and the only requirement is that you have committed your life to Jesus and the mission of His church. If you’ve never been baptized or want a fresh start with Jesus, email for more information.


We Care For One Another Deeply

We know life can get rough, and our 217groups are a place where you can surround yourself with warmth, acceptance and people who care for you deeply and learn how to live on mission with God. Our small groups are a movement where lives are being restored through Jesus, one person at a time.

We currently have 20 groups that meet in homes in 10 different townships in New Jersey and Southeastern P.A. Our groups follow 5 practices from Acts 2. Our acronym is S.L.I.C.E.: Serve together to show God’s love to our community, Learn to apply biblical truths to your life, Invite others to join you and your group in the journey, Care and pray for one another and Eat and fellowship with one another.

Each one of our groups is a discipleship training environment, where the plan is to raise up leaders and reproduce groups. Our groups are a place where the lonely can find great friends, the hurting can get prayer and encouragement, the community can be served (our groups are out paying electric bills, helping elderly neighbors, visiting hospitals and more!) and everyone can grow deeper in their faith as they study the word and discover practical applications for their life.

We encourage everyone to check out a small group—whether you join us on Sunday at 217church or not! It’s a great opportunity to connect with other local believers, take responsibility for the needs of others and get prayer and encouragement during life’s hurts, email for more information.


We Serve The Community Relentlessly

At 217church, serving the community is not just something we talk about, it’s something we live!

We believe that sharing the love of Jesus starts with meeting the practical needs of people in Hamilton, Robbinsville and the surrounding areas. We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things, committed to serving others in a tangible and meaningful way.

Each of our small groups own this vision and serve their neighborhoods. Through community projects, festivals and providing for basic needs, we have given away over $100,000 to causes in the greater Hamilton community. We have partnered with the Bromley Community Center to keep their food pantry full and provided complete Thanksgiving baskets for local residents each year with all of the fixings.

Over the past three Christmas seasons we have helped families celebrate by providing over 750 gifts to children who would otherwise go without. In September, 217church stuffed 450 backpacks with school supplies in partnership with the United Way. During a Sunday service on financial health, every single mom in attendance was given $500 to help pay bills, no questions asked.

We believe in showing the love of Jesus through our actions and empowering believers to live on mission and use their gifts, talents and service to change the world.

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